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What are my Home’s functional needs? PDF Print E-mail
Knowing the space - Human Needs
Written by richart khalil   

Interior design is not only restricted to ornamentation of living space but its main core is to study the manner in which people love, worke, value, think, feel and relate to the environment. Therefore a good interior design is based on responding to the functional and psychological needs of people.

Functional needs:

It is the first aspect to be considered. One of the easiest but also one of the most important; these needs vary from one person to another but they answer the same frameset which can be shaped into two different checklists.

The first is a general checklist which help both designers and individuals to define their needs:

  1. Accommodate all the essential physical requirements such as furniture, material, space needs.
  2. Meet the financial constraints.
  3. Satisfy the operational expense limits in upkeep, maintenance, and/or repairs.
  4. Provide safety and security.
  5. Allow flexibility when the life cycle of the family changes.
  6. Supply the physical focal point, the “home”, within which the emerging family can grow and their members adapt to their social, moral, and human goals and aspirations.


 A more detailed list can be made to meet more specific and important activities or needs:

01. Receiving guests
02. Partying
03. Reading books
04. Conversing
05. Relaxing
06. Playing bridge
07. Fireplace
08. Television
09. Sound system
10. Dancing
11. Playing family games
12. Thinking in solitude or quiet
13. Writing and corresponding
14. Studying
15. Reading newspapers and magazines
16. Sleeping
17. Cat-napping
18. Rocking
19. Eating meals
20. Snacking
21. Cooking meals
22. Ironing
23. Washing dishes
24. Engaging in sexual activity
25. Bathing
26. Smoking
27. Painting as a hobby
28. Vacuuming
29. Dusting
30. Applying cosmetics
31. Mixing drinks
32. Exercising
33. Caring for the ill (or the handicapped)
34. Caring for infants
35. Sewing
36. Gardening (exterior potting area)
37. Window-viewing
38. Storage
39. Automobile storage
40. Gourmet cooking
41. Audio-visual needs
42. Air-conditioning and heating
43. Business and occupational activities
44. Toy storage
45. Caring for potted plants
46. Telephoning
47. Sound and acoustical needs
48. Accommodating guests
49. Placing pictures and art objects
50. Caring for household pet
51. Shaving
52. Hair-care
53. Mirror needs, space expansion
54. Electrical wiring and outlets
55. Entrance and exits
56. Cooking-utensil storage
57. Food storage
58. Safety and protection
59. Mildew and dampness control
60. Filing household documents
61. Outdoor cooking
62. Sun-bathing
63. Swimming
64. Inclement-weather buffer (indoor porch, mud area, potting shed)
65. Physical height needs (stoop clearances)
66. Skylight needs
67. Therapy needs (special stair/split-level constraints)
68. Fire safety needs
69. Left-handed people needs
70. Collections
71. Expansions needs (dining table – additional child)
72. Food service
73. Partition needs
74. Music center: piano, organ
75. Repair needs (accessibility)
76. Seating needs
77. Boating or fishing needs
78. Dating needs
79. Porch and patio needs
80. Time-information needs
81. Wig-storage needs
82. Children’s discipline problem needs
83. Family argument of differences needs
84. General and specific lighting needs.

This checklist is not exhaustive but is a method of making sure that all needs have been assessed. A specification profile must then be developed to make sure that nothing is overlooked.

With the limitations of rising building costs and on-site labor expenses, most prospective builders find that their original plan should be shrunken to fit cost realities. Yet, within this framework, great latitude is possible if all involved parties collaborate to make sure that the home expresses its inhabitant personality and lifestyle.

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