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Written by richart khalil   

If you are consciously saving energy you should be able to answer ‘yes’ to all, or at least most, of the questions below.  If you have answered ‘no’, then think about why and do something about it.  Be sensible: there is no need to make drastic temperature reductions when there are old people or babies about, or when you are ill.  There is also no need to turn off all the lights when you are out: a dark house may encourage burglars.  Be aware of energy and you will notice how easy it is to begin saving it.

The outside
Have you insulated your attic and temporarily blocked off unused chimneys?
Have you got cavity walls and, if so, are they insulated?
Are your radiators on inside rather than outside walls?
If you live in a very windy site have you planed a hedge or some trees to act as a windbreak? 


Have you installed double-glazing, either fitted or secondary?
If not, have you put draught-excluder strips around windows in all rooms apart from the kitchen and bathrooms?
Do you use heavy interlined curtains or shutters?
Have you put pelmets at the tops of your windows?
Do you close curtains or shutters at night and open them during the day?
Are you blocking any under-window radiators with long curtains?
Have you large skylights which are letting out the heat?

The front door
Have you put a flap or box behind your letterbox to stop draughts?
Have you covered a very draughty front door with a thick curtain?
Have you thought of building an internal lobby or a porch? 


Have you covered all solid concrete floors?
Have all your carpets got underlay?
Have you filled up all the gaps between floorboards and skirting boards?
Have you nailed quadrant moulding around really draughty skirting? 


Have you insulated your hot water cylinder?
Is the thermostat set for no higher than 55ºC (130ºF)?
Are the cold water tank and all the water pipes in the attic lagged?
Have you reduced the water used by your toilet? 


Have you turned off any light that is not at this moment in use?
Do you usually turn off any lights not in use?
Are you using bright lights where essential and low wattage bulbs elsewhere?
Are you using dimmer switches? 

Living room

Have you made sure your living room temperature is no higher than 20ºC (68ºF)?
Are the television, stereo system and other electrical appliances turned off when they are not in use? 

Does your pet-flap automatically shut firmly behind your pet?
Are you collecting rainwater with which to water your garden in the summer?
Have you covered your soil with compost or bark to reduce evaporation? 


Have you put automatic door closers on any doors that you use a lot?
Do you close doors of unused rooms?
Do you limit full heating to one or two rooms whenever possible? 

Have you had your central heating and boiler serviced this year?
Have you replaced old and worn heating appliances with more efficient new ones?
Do your heating and hot water systems have time – and temperature – control thermostats to them? 


Have you put on another layer of clothing rather than turn up the heating?
Are you trying to use less heat all the time?
Are you using hand – rather than power-tools as often as possible?
Are you walking, cycling or using public transport whenever possible?

Now, do not excuse yourself and start dealing with inconveniences.

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