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Written by richart khalil   

Definitions of the article's key words (in alphabetical order)



Austrian shades: Soft fabric mounted on vertical tape and falling in soft, graceful folds.
Ambient light: General room light.

Bay window: Three or more windows that projects from the wall.
Bow window: Curved bay windows.
Bracket light: A luminaire fixed to a surface such as a wall.
Burl veneer: Veneer of irregularity arranged fibers caused by wart-like growth on such trees as walnut, ash, cherry, yew, elm and birch.
Butt veneer: Veneer cut from that part of tree trunk and large roots join.

Chroma: Amount of pigment in or saturation of a color.
Color wheel: Placement of colors on a wheel or circle.
Conservatory: A green house for preserving plants.
Cool colors: Colors on the blue and violet side of the color wheel.
Corner window: Windows at the corner of a building.
Cornice lighting: Light concealed behind a cornice and directed downward.
Cove lighting: Lighting concealed behind a structural element near the ceiling and directed upward.
Crotch veneer: Veneer obtained from the area below the forks of a large tree or the point at which the trunk is joined by large branches.
Curtain: Stationary, lightweight, translucent or transparent fabric that filters the light through the window.

Diffuser: Opaque or translucent shield that disperses light.
Distressed finish: A finish imparted by striking the wood with chains, hammers and so on, to achieve the effect of age.
Down lights: Lighting which is directed downward, frequently concealed in the ceiling, or attached to it.

Flitch: A mounted log segment from which a veneer is cut.
Flocked carpet: Carpet that resembles thick pile velvet.

Grain: The arrangement and quality of fibrous tissue in wood.
Green furniture: Large green plants used in the interior. 

Hand-Tied rug: Hand-knotted rug
Hand-tufted rug:
Rug made with a hand-tufting gun that shoots tuft into backing.
Hardboard: A manufactured wood material made of tiny, thread-like wood fibers bound together with lignin, the natural cohesive in wood.
Highlight: Light directed to a specific object.
Hooked rug: Rug made by pushing tufts or yarn or fabric through a woven backing.
Hue: Name of a color.
Humus: The organic portion of the soil.

Intensity: See chroma
Irridiated wood: A wood that is impregnated wit plastic and irridiated to achieve hardness and abrasion resistance.

Knitted carpet: Carpet made at the same time as the backing, with different sets of needles to loop the backing, stitching and pile yarns together.

Luminaire: Light fixture, including housing, wires and electrical connection.
Light source: Origin of artificial light. 

Matte finish: A finish, such as flat paint, without any shine.
Metamerism: Changes in color when viewed under different kind of light
Munsell system: Color system developed by Albert Munsell based upon a theoretical solid global form.

Needle-punching: Large window (usually does not open)

Opaque finish: A finish that conceals the wood grain.

Papier-mâché: A mixture of glue and waste paper driven into oiled molds under pressure, dried and baked, to make furniture and accessories.
Particleboard: A wood material made by combining wood flakes with resin binding agents and then hot-pressing them into panels.
Penetrating finish: a finish that sinks into the wood.
Perimeter zone: Area where ambient lighting more than in the ceiling zone but less than in the occupied zone, is required.

Reflected light: Light reflected from a surface.
Roman shades: Panels of stitched or press-pleated fabric or of woven wood that fold horizontally.
Rotary veneer: A veneer that is sliced in a continuous strip around the log.

Shade: Determined by addition of black to a color, darkening it.
Shutters: Louvered wooden window covers.
Simultaneous contrast: Influences of a color’s hue, value and intensity on those surrounding it.
Skylight: Glassed aperture in the ceiling.
Softwood: A wood from conifers (trees that do not shed their leaves).
Spotlight: Light directed at a precise spot to call attention to a center of interest.

Task light: Light required for a specific activity.
Tint: Determined by addition of white to a color, lightening it.
Transparent finish: A finish that does not conceal the wood grain.
Tufted carpet: Carpet made on multi-needled machines that stitch the tufts through a preconstructed backing.

Uplight: Light source directed upward.

Valance lighting: Light concealed at the top of the window opening and providing up- and downlight.
Value: Lightness or darkness of a color.
Veneer: A thin sheet of wood applied (generally) to a less expensive wood.
Venetian blinds: Blinds of wood or metal that can be opened to adjust the light.

Warm colors: Colors on the red, orange and yellow side of the color wheel.
Wall washer: lights focused on a wall for general lighting.
Window wall: Glass wall.