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How do I select my Floor Coverings?
Written by richart khalil   

Floors define interior space and receive the greatest amount of use. They are for walking and occasionally for sitting, for insulation from the cold, for quietness, and for beauty. Floor coverings constitute a large part of the budget and should be selected carefully.

  Flower carpet   ceramic floor
How to decorate and furnish a family home?
Written by richart khalil   

Living in a family does not mean that you have to put your decorative preferences on hold. It does mean that you have to be aware of the new maintenance and basic practicality factors as you will need a decoration scheme that is children friendly.

Color wheel schemes
Written by richart khalil   

Color wheel schemes are creatively developed from background knowledge of color and include monochromatic, complementary, analogous, triad, tetrad and neutral 

color wheel
How to set a new project budget?
Written by richart khalil   

All major projects begin with setting up a budget. This should not necessarily be as much as you could afford. Options for self-build financing can be briefly summarized as cash, quity in existing property and the amount you are able to borrow, which depends usually on your income.

Where to integrate your workstation?
Written by richart khalil   

New paperless office technology – such as laptops, personal digital assistants (PDA) and mobile phone – means that you can work anywhere you want, in theory; in bed, living room or in a local café. In practice, however, it is essential to design a workspace that suits your job needs, because you will need it for any kind of serious endeavor.

2 home workstations  bedroom office 

How to select your Sofas and armchairs?
Written by richart khalil   

We all need a comfortable place to sit and relax – whether watching television, reading a book or chatting with family and friends. Now, with the variety of shapes, sizes, fabrics and fillings, the possible solutions are almost endless, your living space is an important focus, and how you furnish it will set the tone for your whole home. That is why when choosing shape or a style, keep in mind how different element work together and where the sofa or the armchair is likely be situated.

sofa violet  orange sofa  leather sofa

Fireplaces, is your home ready for one?
Written by richart khalil   

In any room, a fire is a focal point; it sets the aesthetic terms, provides movement, color and warmth. Therefore the choice of the fireplace becomes essential in a way that fits your lifestyle.

 fireplace  trendy fireplace

Stone – an introduction
Written by richart khalil   

If you want to bring a sense of solidity and permanence to your surroundings, so stone is the material that you should use. It is available in a range of beautiful colors, patterns and textures, and depending on the use it can look either very traditional or highly contemporary.

There are many different purposes that stone can fulfill in the home – as flooring; treads on stairs; mantelpieces; kitchen worktops, sinks and splashbacks; basins and bathtubs. Your choice for any one of these tasks will depend partly on aesthetics – color, pattern, texture – and partly on practical considerations, as you will find that some stone is better suited to a job than others and it is important that you select the right one.

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