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What to consider while remodeling the internal space?
Written by richart khalil   

Spaces are delimited by boundaries, walls. Partitions are necessary; they contain or demarcate activities; separate indoors from outdoors, public spaces from private; and shape the routes we take from one area to another. Moving or removing internal walls and partitions may not make your home any bigger, but thus still enhance the sense of space and eliminate wasted or unused space, improve natural light, and simplify both function and circulation.

open space         domestic interior space

How to balance shared and private spaces?
Written by richart khalil   

As the evolution of the family bypasses the old hierarchical system, the big issue become nowadays in getting the right balance between private areas and shared space.
A shared space can be as small as a bed or as all-embracing as an open-plan living-kitchen-dining area, but family homes tend to be functional where there is at least one generous area for gathering without worrying about spoiling furniture. However, it also means that other things are shared too, and thus provide a framework for both communication and communal experience that family life at its best should be all about.

How do I save Energy throughout my home?
Written by richart khalil   

If you are consciously saving energy you should be able to answer ‘yes’ to all, or at least most, of the questions below.  If you have answered ‘no’, then think about why and do something about it.  Be sensible: there is no need to make drastic temperature reductions when there are old people or babies about, or when you are ill.  There is also no need to turn off all the lights when you are out: a dark house may encourage burglars.  Be aware of energy and you will notice how easy it is to begin saving it.

How do I select my Furniture?
Written by richart khalil   

Nowadays, furniture is available in a wide choices and styles to answer any need or purpose and suit any pattern of living or working. Furniture may be austere or luxurious, traditional or contemporary, of natural or man-made materials, free-standing or built-in.
Therefore, before you decide what kind or style of furniture to buy, ask yourself the following basic questions.

 traditional interior    modern interior

How do I plan my entrances?
Written by richart khalil   

The entryway to a house projects the owner moods and desires, and it may be similar to the initial posture which the individual presents upon greeting another person. It can be formal or casual, firm or relaxed, ineffectual or affectionate, soft or hard, bright or dull, austere or lavish. It sets the tone for the design and interaction to follow.

entrance doors

service doors

Written by richart khalil   

The eye is directly oriented to the dominant or emphasized forms, that is why emphasis is an important component of all design elements.
The many gradations of visual accent and subordination can be divided into three major categories: dominant – forms that have the greatest visual impact – subdominant – forms that support the most important or dominant areas – and subordinate – forms that are relatively unimportant in assessing the total design, yet should be visually interesting and exciting in themselves.

Flexible Furnishing in Your First Home
Written by richart khalil   

You do not need any more to collect cast-offs from friends and family to furnish your home. Basic furniture and furnishings are now available, providing contemporary design at an affordable price, but are usually flat-packed and self-assembled at home.

poof    flexible furniture

Rhythm and variety
Written by richart khalil   

Rhythm is the movement or flow of forms through space at fairly regular intervals. It may be quiet flow, an orderly movement or an energetic rush. It is seen in the pattern of a single form in a textile or tile, or in repeated forms of brick, stone or wood paneling.

rhythm and variety      rhythm - old building

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