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How do I select my interior plants?
Written by richart khalil   

A wide choice of exotic plants is available but you have to select them properly to enhance the aspect of the interior space.

This is why the selection should take several rational steps in order to make the best choice.

           plant in the corner                 2 plants

How do I plan my kitchen?
Written by richart khalil   

Perhaps it is the kitchen that stimulated the most research into its use and efficiency in the entire household. Researches have studied the tasks performed, the design and the placement of work centers, the relationship of these centers to one another and to the changing patterns of living.

 blue kitchen   traditional kitchen

How to plan a bathroom?
Written by richart khalil   

If everything in the house should be carefully planned, what should we say about the bathrooms where every centimeter counts, where we have to integrate all sanitary fixtures and fittings in the optimum way?

 bathroom planned in line

How to find a plot?
Written by richart khalil   

When building a new house, finding a site can be the hardest part of the whole business, particularly in the dense urban areas. But nothing is impossible when we know that there is more than 7 easy ways to find a plot:

Types of light source
Written by richart khalil   

Because light quality affects the color of wall finishes, curtains and upholstery, we find different types of light source to create varying qualities in light to suit the particular tasks and functions in the home.

Nowadays, a wide selection of artificial lighting is available, giving you the illumination choice from subtle to bright, diffused to focus.

Elements of the heating system
Written by richart khalil   

Conceiving a heating system is a crucial task in the home process, because it contributes to the well being of all the residents.

The heating system has three major elements: matching the heating unit to the room size; make the most of the heating system; the style and material of the units.

Each of these elements has its importance in the design process, therefore follows a description of the heating system.

Why and how should I rent a house?
Written by richart khalil   

The key word for renting is flexibility. Whether you are a student, or just starting out in your career, you probably will not want to be tied very long to a particular place. Renting is also cheaper on the long term when you consider the hidden cost of home ownership, such as building and life insurance, maintenance and repairs, and property taxes. However, unless your rent is low enough for you to save up to buy a property, or unless your career is improving dramatically, renting for a long period is not really a good value for your money.

What are my Home's psychological functions?
Written by richart khalil   

If it makes sense to buy and wear items of apparel that enhance one’s social image, so it follows that one’s home should be an extension of one’s pattern of living, personality needs and aspirations.

Homes display aspects of personalities and the image they reflect is usually a conscious or unconscious extension of the personalities of their inhabitants; so the home now seeks to fulfill more social and psychological needs. It is the last place where a person can be himself or herself without needing to conform to others in the expression of his/her personal desires.

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